Introduction to my page

Hello I’m Jia Ying and welcome to my page. I thought I should remain anonymous but I just decided that I won’t because that would force me to NOT write stupid stuff that would get me judged. But anyhow, I created this page as a sort of journal but not the kind where you write about how your day went. It’s gonna be more like my thoughts on some issues that not many people have brought up. This could be anything related to beauty, politics, religion, gender and anything else I think of along the way. If you’re being invited to my page by yours truly, feel honored. If you’re just a stranger who happened to chance upon my page, then I hope you will take the time to read my posts and share your thoughts…but only if you want. Mean comments aren’t ideal but I don’t think uneducated people would be attracted to my site anyway. BURNNN.


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